четверг, 28 марта 2013 г.

LockDroid (beta) - protect your smartphone/tablet

Attention: In order to change setting of the application you have to reload your phone, after application service will start you'll have 30 seconds during which application won't require password to change its settings, so you can change password easily or turn block off.

Application functions:
Prevent unauthorized access to
  - calls/contacts
  - messages (sms/mms)
  - device settings
  - Google Mail
  - Google Play
  - LockDroid application settings

Upcoming changes:
- widget for block turning on/off
-Automatic block turning on planner for selected time period
-Block turning on/off basing on the location.

Current version 1.4.1
- fixed application's perfomance on Android OS versions older than 4.1 and on devices with capped functionality.
- Due to the fact, that's some devices can have reloading time up to 2 minutes  - count down for block to turn on start when application service start.

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